MPOG Recognized for 60% Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Without Compromising Patient Care

The Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists (MSA) is applauding the Multicenter Perioperative Outcomes Group (MPOG) for statewide collaborative efforts improving sustainability without sacrificing patient outcomes or safety.

MSA points to major reductions across the state of Michigan in the two most potent greenhouse gases used by anesthesia providers. Nitrous oxide has dropped across MPOG sites by 50% in the last four years, and desflurane has dropped more than 50% in the last two years. The improvements are attributed to MPOG’s educational promotion of anesthetic agents that are less harmful to the environment for use in appropriate cases, as well as efforts to tailor the amount of gas delivered to a patient. 

“Anesthesiologists have a responsibility to help ensure patient safety, and reducing emissions can decrease public health harm without compromising patient care,” MSA president Dr. Michael Lewis said. “We are proud of the work MPOG and anesthesiologists across the state are doing to protect the air we all breathe and ensure patient safety. “

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