OBI Celebrates Birth Milestone

The Obstetrics Initiative (OBI) celebrated a significant milestone recently, surpassing 100,000 births in its data registry. OBI is a collaborative quality initiative (CQI) coordinating statewide efforts across more than 70 hospitals in Michigan to optimize maternity care experiences, health outcomes, and equity. OBI’s clinical registry data is a powerful, one-of-a-kind resource that helps maternity clinicians across the state identify opportunities to improve obstetric care.

100,000 Births Registered

OBI began data collection in 2019, gathering valuable information on the most common births in Michigan. Specifically, OBI was able to capture a 30% sample of Nulliparous, Term, Singleton, Vertex (NTSV) births, which are first-time live births at or beyond 37 weeks gestation that are singleton (no twins or beyond) and in the vertex (head-down) position. Since its inception, the OBI registry has collected the detailed clinical data that clinicians need to take action to improve care quality. The OBI registry allows the Coordinating Center team to do powerful analyses of hospital performance changes over time, identifying wins to be celebrated and areas where improvement is needed. Driven by the actionable data insights in OBI’s registry, eleven OBI sites with the highest NTSV Cesarean rates in the state reduced their rates from 35.3% in January 2023 to 29.8% in August of 2023.

“OBI’s effectiveness depends on rich, clinically credible data about hospital performance,” says Dr. Michelle Moniz, OBI’s Program Director. “OBI Clinical Data Abstractors (CDAs) painstakingly review clinical records, populate OBI’s registry, and disseminate comparative data to maternity clinicians across the state to improve care. We are so grateful to them for creating this one-of-a-kind data resource for driving quality improvement.” 

Outreach and Engagement with Members

    OBI's registry data is regularly used to engage maternity clinicians in quality improvement. Through the OBI registry, OBI member hospitals can access near real-time data on their performance and how it compares to others across the state. The OBI team uses registry data to tell stories and change hearts and minds at Semiannual meetings, and in response, the collaborative has seen an impressive 133% increase in physician attendance.

That engagement has carried over online. Despite a turbulent year for X (formerly Twitter), OBI’s engagement rate on the platform increased 12,000% in the last year, including a 145% increase in followers and a 283% increase in profile views. 2023 also saw a brand refresh for OBI, with the introduction of refreshed logos, brand colors, and a new website. This refreshed look and streamlined website adds improved functionality that makes it easier for partner sites to interpret their performance data, access OBI’s QI resources and share best practices with other maternity clinicians across the state.

In 2023, OBI’s 100,000 births milestone and heightened engagement metrics are a testament to what can happen when clinicians come together to improve the care provided in our community. As OBI heads into 2024, the collaborative looks forward to continuing to utilize data and the clinical expertise at member hospitals to continue striving to improve experiences, outcomes, and equity in obstetrics care across the state.

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OBI staff at Arbor Lakes in February 2023
OBI staff at Arbor Lakes in February 2023